Why protect data?

The problem that many people do not realize.

  • E-mail = postacard. Everybody, who e-mail meets on his way over the Internet, can read it. E-mail is not protected, only with password to the mailbox.
  • E-mails protection. Look to your e-mail communication in recent days and think about those messages whose content should see only their addressee.
  • Files protection.It does not help password protect files in the attachment or have encyrption on an email server. It just a few minutes of searching on Google …

When you send email, this leaves in the fully open form (readable for everyone the way it meets) to your provider’s server, and then subsequently further into the Internet, where it passes through the other servers to the e-mail server of the addressee’s provider.

Delusions and Myths about safety

When I have turned on https so e-mail is safe
When I send password protected file so it is safe
I do not send anything important / secret, I'm not an important person
The files in the cloud are in safety

I want to protect my data



Who needs a secure e-mail and files?

Every day they do not rob you, but you always lock your doors. At the critical moment this is decisive. It is the same with an e-mail security. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, we recommend that you interest about Talkey:

  • Do you send or intend to send confidential personal or financial information via e-mail?
  • Do you communicate with many trading partners on terms of cooperation and detail of your business transactions?
  • Do you recive many suspicious unsolicited emails, even with suspicious attachments?
  • Are you experiencing a personal crisis, which you solve by legal way?
  • Is your company found in the middle of a serious disagreement?
  • Do you treat with patents or industrial papers with a high degree of secrecy?

I want to protect my data