Talkey GDPR

The communication may include personal data. Personal Data Protection (GDPR) legislation requires appropriate security measures.

Ensure an appropriate level of security for communication with other entities using encryption.

Talkey SOFT

Talkey SOFT has the same features as Talkey HARD with a dongle. It is limited to one computer and one mobile device only. All cryptographic operations are performed in the computer’s memory.

Talkey HARD

Talkey HARD is a unique hardware solution for protecting email communications and files. Highly secure, user-friendly and simple. The communication is based on the user – user principle and is fully under their control. No third party enters the process – you communicate directly.

Talkey Enterprise Server

Talkey Enterprise is the corporate solution for centrally managing its Talkey clients on the local network. It also includes support for setting up global encrypted communication and encrypted data exchange with other Talkey users anywhere in the world.


Shared features of all versions





Working with email
Decrypt emails
Encrypt emails
GDPR Invitation to Secure Communication
10s message X
Limitation of opening in term X
Limit the number of times an email is opened X
Destroying sent emails X
Email display time X
Modifying the email body X
Prohibit copying and forwarding X
Mobile decryption feature X X
Number of email addresses 1 5 10
Denial encryption X X
Working with files and folders (up to 4Gb)
Decrypt files and folders X
Encrypt files for yourself X
Encrypt files for others X
File encryption for groups X
Encrypt folders X
other functions
Hardware Token X X
Use on multiple computers X X
Mobile Device (Mobile Phone or Tablet) 1 1 3
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